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Playboy’s Top 10 Magazines of All-Time

Let’s get this started off right! Check out the top 10 Playboy Magazines of all-time.


10. July 1955 Playboy Magazine

The person who told us to never judge a book by its cover was definitely turning in his grave in July of 1955. And the reason for this was because of Janet Pilgrim’s timeless appearance on the cover of play boy issue that made a lot of men drools for the magazine.

Janet has two amazing features, her face, and her breasts – both of which she utilizes to drive men wild with fantasies on this particular issue. Everything that men notice at first glance is intended to be so, and that goes on and on from the first to the last page, which makes this cover immortal.

9. November 1957 Playboy Magazine

When mogul photographer Vivienne Lapham was doing a photo shoot with the beautiful Marlene Callahan for the cover of Playboy issue of November 1957, she was looking to make something unique. Holding a “do not disturb” sign on a hotel room door, her facial expression somehow managed to scream the words more than the sign. Everything, from the red bed to the nice, relaxed lighting all pointed out to her about to have a good time in a jiffy, hence the sign in hand. Everything that Vivienne imaged came out perfect, hence the cover getting a solid 4.0 score.

8. September 1959 Playboy Magazine

They say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. So when the super model and a favorite penthouse pet Marianne, who was forced to put on a shirt because she had small breasts in order to make it to the playboy cover, it was shocking on everyone when she owned the shoot, making this issue be one of the best of all time.

Marianne was out of this world cute on the spread, attracting many eyeballs not only in America but all over the world. The magazine scored a perfect 4.0 on erotic, artistic and overall outlooks.

7. December 1966 Playboy Magazine

Every man loves a beautiful, fresh face and that is what Susan Bernard gave them on the cover of this particular Playboy issue, making it an amazing collection to any man’s collection. Much focus is on a woman who is slipping from the aisle in a bid to tease men, showing them a few her breasts and other attractive features. And needless to say, it achieved the purposes.

6. October 1968 Playboy Magazine

Majken Haugedal’s went down as one of the best to have ever graced an issue of Playboy magazine. It went without saying that the exotic beauty was not only beautiful but knew a thing or two about using her sexuality to attract the attention of any man. Apart from being cute, she was very playful on the shoot, leaving men trying to guess what her body language was trying to convey.

As a result of that, the October 1968 spread was clearly a classic, written in stone as one of the best, coming in at number two best issue of all time. Just like the best issue of all time, this one scored a perfect 4.0 out of 4.0.

5. May 1972 Playboy Magazine

It goes without saying that Deanna Baker killed it on the wicker chair in her sun room on the cover of this issue. As usual, the lighting is an arrangement in here is perfect, giving the cover photo the umps that are deserved.

Here, Deanna looks like she is playing with the purple flower she is holding, giving me that kind of imagination of a girl who is ready to get wild but needs someone to come rescue her.

4. June 1978 Playboy Magazine

This issue was Gail Stanton’s time to shine. One of her strongest features is her breasts, and as usual, that was the main focus of her cover shoot – which men from all walks of life appreciated to the core.

Once you are done ogling at her breasts, you will realize that she is also doing a marvelous job with her hips, eyes, cute face and everything else we all love about penthouse pets, then we go back to her magical breasts. Let’s just say it had a perfect score on an overall basis.

3. April 1982 Playboy Magazine

Linda caught the attention of Playboy readers on the cover of this issue as she attempted to climb the stairs looking hot in a light dress. As usual, men felt the need for some sort of wind to blow her dress so that they could catch a glimpse of what was lying underneath. Her nice, long legs with a ribbon, achieving just the right amount of tease without overdoing it. It scored a perfect 4.0.

2. July 1987 Playboy Magazine

This particular issue was the time for penthouse pet Carmen Berg’s to shine – one thing that she performed beyond Playboy’s wildest expectations. Despite having a lot of amazing photographic aspect employed to make the outcome of the shoot timeless, the first thing that will always remain in the mind of those who see the cover is, well, Carmen.

Apart from oozing with sex appeal, she is just too good to be true and therefore kills that shoot. She was pictured standing in a steamy bathroom – every man’s dream place to have the girl of their dreams naked. The mirror effect also added to the amazingness of the cover which, it goes without saying got the perfect 4.0 and making the cut to the top playboy magazines.

1. February 2001 Playboy Magazine

Last but not least, Lauren Hill did a wonderful job. A single breast appeared wrapped in her lovely hair, and the rest of her pose is godly. Even without saying, men looking at this would swear on their mothers that she was speaking to them. Per usual, the cover scored a perfect 4.0 and as a result flew out of the shelves within minutes of the stocking.