November 1970 Playboy Magazine


Avis Miller; Crystal Smith Cover; Jane Birkin Pictorial.

Quick Facts

Cover: Crystal Smith
Playmate: Avis Miller


Five page pictorial on Jane Birkin; seven page pictorial of modern nude sculptures by Frank Gallo; Twelve pages ofSex in Cinema 1970, featuringUrsula Andress, Jaqueline Bisset, Paula Prentiss, Glenda Jackson, Stella Stevens, Catherine Deneuve, Mick Jagger,Raquel Welch, in films likeMyra Breckenridge,Beyond the Valley of the Dolls,The Strawberry Statement,Performance,What Do You Say To A Naked Lady?,The Adventurers, Federico Fellini’sSatyricon, and others.


This magazine feature includes –

– Playbill
– Dear Playboy
– Playboy After Hours – a guy’s guide to what’s hip and what’s happening
– Books, Dining-Drinking. Movies, Recordings, Theater
– The Playboy Advisor
– The Playboy Forum – an interchange of ideas between reader and editor on subjects raised by “the playboy philosophy”
– An Open letter To The Parents Of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and R. Sargent Shriver III from The Editors
– Penalty For Simple Possession Of Marijuana (Fist Offense) (chart)
– Dotson Gerber Resurrected (fiction) by Hal Bennett, illustrated by Ellen Lanyon
– When Punishment Is A Crime (article) by Ramsey Clark with photography by Bart Harris
– The Ski Scene (attire) by Robert L. Green with photography by Robert Huntsinger
– The Top Spots (sports)
-They Became What They Beheld (article) by Edmund Carpenter, illustrated by Arthur Paul
– Night Crossing (fiction) by Elliott Arnold, illustrated by Phil Renaud
– A Fine Kettle Of Fish (food) by Thomas Mario photography by Alexas Urba
– Playboy’s Party Jokes (humor) with LeRoy Neiman’s Femlin
– And Now – A Word From Our Sponsor (article) by Michael Butler, illustrated by Ron Bradford
– Accidents Of A Country Road (fiction) by Roger Dionne, illustrated by Alan E. Cober
– Shoot-Out In Johnston City (article) by Craig Vetter, illustrated by Ed Paschke
– Switched-On Superwall (modern living) with photography by J. Barry O’Rourke
– Vargas Girl (pictorial) by Alberto Vargas
– The Prince’s Curse (ribald classic), illustrated by Brad Holland
– West Of Eden (article) by Jules Siegel with photography by Ron Mesaros
– Presents Perfect (gifts) with photography by Bill Arsenault
– Can-Am Races (man at his leisure) art by Leroy Neiman
– Word Play (satire) by Robert Carola
– Playboy’s Political Preference Chart
– On The Scene (personalities) – Richard Brautigan – Costa-Gavras – Alvin Duskin-
– Avis Miller appears in a pictorial in the August 1970issue.
– Crystal K. Smith is the September 1971 Playmate.
– 1970 PMOY Claudia Jennnings makes a naked appeal to gift givers to consider a Playboy subscription – on pages 52-53.
– The Harley-Davidson Sprint SS is advertised on page 243.
– 266 pages of period adverts, pin ups and articles with lots of quality photographs and illustrations.


Mark Tomlonson

In Avis Miller’s centerfold (November 1970) she’s lying on the floor in a pose and setting that has to be repeated by lovers literally thousands of times a day. In 1970 The Sixties were still going strong. Haight-Ashbury was over and Altamont and Kent State and Jackson had taken its place but when we think of the “Sixties” forty years on 1970 was in the thick of it. Here we have a Centerfold that is smack dab in the middle of Fifties Cool. Late night smoke-filled clubs Sinatra Bruce Ella. A reflection of Hef’s isolation perhaps but also proof that it’s much easier for Grandparents to understand youth than parents. This is the perfect pose for Avis. She is a striking attractive woman but with a figure that usually isn’t considered pin-up material. Here she looks great. Her breasts look better than in other poses. We know from the look on her face the evening isn’t just starting nor is it finished. We also know we’re not “on the clock” she’s here because the two of us have found something in common. Even in 1970 “Fifties’ Cool” had a lot going for it. Photographer: Dwight Hooker

Pin-up: 4.0 Erotic: 4.0 Artistic: 3.0 Overall: 3.8 out of 4.0

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